Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Fluevog Chicago

Today we arrived in Chicago! Glorious. Mr.Husband and I were standing in the lobby of Hard Rock Hotel waiting to check in and whaddaya know! In walks in Mike Fanuele with Fountains of Wayne! How funny that one of our best friends just happened to be in Chicago exactly when we were in exactly the same hotel at exactly the same time!? Oh serendipity. Anywhay, so we go up to our room and I open the blinds and... Police sirens, high rises, traffic! Rural america was really pretty, but truthfully it's really nice to be back in a city. 

So... Fluevog! Anytime we visit a city with a Fluevog store we always make a stop. Obviously I LOVE shopping online, but seeing things in person can change everything. Especially when your buying an investment/art piece like Fluevogs. Rebecca helped me in the shop today (and speaking of serendipitous coincidences she used to work at Commander Salamander in DC! Hi Rebecca!) 
I walked out the proud new owner of  a lovely pair of Goodalls! They're great. 
I kind of feel like I'm in some sort of Fluevogian gladiator army when I have them on. 
Beyond the awesomeness that is the Goodalls, I found 4 other things I kind of sort of must have. Okay, maybe that's a tad strong, but ya'll know how emotional I am about my Fluevogs 
(if not you can read about it HERE
So here's the scoop: I would have bought the Farrahs, but they didn't have my size in Mango, boo. Also not in my size, the Lancianos. You really should see these babies in person, the photo totally does them no justice. The Silvana clutch is so soft, and a super pretty pale blue. Plus it's big enough to fit a bunch of stuff in. Bonus! Finally, totally out of character for me I was having a really hard time resisting the Celyn boots. Maybe cause they make me think of being a 19 year old goth girl again. 
Maybe cause they're just awesome. Who knows. Either way they're super rad.
Go buy them. Do It! Glaaaaaaadiator!