Monday, June 13, 2011

In the midwest it's still spring!

So we began our road trip today and have made it out to Indiana, 
land of lots of billboards and hoosiers? Well from the road thats all I got. 
Before we got here though we stopped in Columbus to see some topiaries (pics to come) 
and drum roll please......
Pittsburgh to the ModCloth Offices!!!
It was great! A huge thank you goes out to Emily for helping me set it up and Aire for actually taking me around the facility. I was very honored to get a behind the scenes tour. I've got pictures and a whole post to come, but it will have to wait until we make it out to Colorado. 
So to the point, did you know it's actually spring? Living in DC I thought it was full on summer going by the 90-100 degree weather we've had the past couple weeks, but everywhere we stopped today was beautifully cool and breezy. Perfect for this outfit.