Thursday, June 16, 2011

Windswept Prairie

I've made it out to Wyoming! Last nights drive what quite a light show, heavy grey clouds weighed down on the fields but a remarkable hole in the clouds right along the horizon blazed with hot hot orange light. It was truly indescribable so I took lots of pictures (posts to come!) but I am sure they won't do mother nature justice. As I was click click clicking away my camera Mr.Husband noticed some crazy lightning and downswept clouds. Mini panic ensued as us city slickers quickly realized we have no idea what to do if you are in a car when a tornado hits (I know, we're ridiculous.) The light show continued and I switched from still to video and got some pretty cool footage of the lightning extravaganza (yup, posts to come.) 

This morning I was pleased to hop on the laptop and have a sense of normalcy by working on the blog. I've been without Starbucks and Target for days, and have literally had a BLT for lunch and mexican food for dinner three days in a row. It's nice to have a little technology to make me feel like myself. Anyway, to the point, after a couple days of driving through fields it seemed beyond apropos to feature Modcloth's "Windswept Prairie Cardigan" Happy Thursday Lovelies!