Monday, June 27, 2011

Modcloth Pittsburgh Offices!

I'm back! Mr.Husband and I had a two beyond fantastic weeks on the road and we kicked it all off with a stop at the Modcloth Offices in Pittsburgh, PA. How cool is that!? 

The office is in a big warehouse, open and relaxed. Co-workers congregate at eachothers stations. Casual yet fashionable work attire was abound (duh!) I saw every style from rocker shiny leggings and band tees to girlie dresses and embellished shoes.

The offices to the left were at one point Susan and Eric's. In between the two is a dog door for Winston! How cute! Winston's on the west coast now with Susan, but there were plenty of other cute dogs in the office. As long as your dog is under 30lbs they are welcome. I found myself walking through the space and just thinking what a dream it would be to work there. And then, icing on the cake, behold a Starbucks coffee machine. I don't know why I didn't take a picture of it (doh!) maybe because I was just so shocked that such a thing existed! Beyond the offices was another open area housing the Mod Stylists. I kept my cool, but I really just wanted to grab a chair and style away! 
Hello Dream Job!

 Next up was the other side of the warehouse where the photography takes place. Computers, Cameras, Clothing, oh my! I wanted to try everything on and hop on a set.

I figured I might get kicked out if I actually did though, settled for posing with this cool shoe instead.

 Props for shoots!

This is Aire! She was super friendly and I can't say enough how much I appreciate her taking me around the space. I can't remember if I complimented her or not on her super skilled accessorizing... 

I asked Aire a bunch of questions, but the one that I wanted to share most with you all is,
"What direction will Modcloth's style be going in the future?"
I think it's interesting to see the company grow not only in size but grow up so to speak. I've been obsessed with online shopping for too many years to mention and Modcloth has been on my radar for about the last 4 years. I never put much thought into Modcloth's core demographic until recently when someone mentioned that the prices on the latest Be The Buyer choices were extreme and that maybe they were loosing site of said core demographic. I was like "Holy smokes, I'm not the core demographic?" (insert pint of icecream for being old woes here) Susan is younger than I am, but only by a few years, I never really considered that the customer base would be any different than me... Anyway, to the point, Aire said that the whole process is rather organic. Susan is the creative guide of the company, her tastes and style is ever evolving and so is Modcloth as a result. That being said, they try to maintain a broad spectrum of styles and prices.

I was thrilled to tour the office. A HUGE thank you goes out to Aire for taking time out of her day to show me around and answer my questions and listening to my endless chatter about how much I love Modcloth and dogs and the paint colors in their office and the Girlie Bird Gets the Dress!