Thursday, February 23, 2012

London: So what, I'm a nerd.

I think our plans to chunnel to London for the day from Paris may have been a tad overzealous...

We had tickets for the 10:30 show at the Crazy Horse in Paris (which was AMAaaaAAaaazing) When the show let out we ran to the Metro ran down the stairs only to see the last train of the night had just pulled away from the platform. It was 1:02am. Nuts. So back up the stairs out to the streets to find a taxi stand and wait in line. When it was all said and done we were back to our hotel room just a tad before 2. Our Eurostar to London was scheduled for 7:45. Of course I was too jazzed from the show to sleep right away, so this is what I looked like once we boarded. Lucky for me, we had business class tickets and were served a lovely breakfast and tea. Divine.

Ah, we made it. A little worse for wear, but arrived nonetheless. I am a tourist even in my own city and don't ever leave the house with out a film and digital camera stashed somewhere in my bag. Here's me with my Pink Dress SuperHeadz cam (courtesy FourCornerStore) being a super duper tourist. "look we're in King's Crossing! Let's find platform 9 3/4!"

Mr.Husband made me cross the street so he could take a picture of me in front of the Scotch Shop. Did I mention super duper tourist? 

Let the nerd-fest begin. I am fascinated with Ancient civilizations, Egypt specifically. 
The 18th dynasty to be even more specific. 
We made the trip to London expressly so I could go to the British Museum. 
Yup, nerd...fest.

Fuzzy hat via Gap (web)
Coat via OldNavy (web)

Changing film one handed is not my forte.


This may be one of my favorite pictures of me ever. 
I am the walrus.
Goo goo ga-joob.