Sunday, February 26, 2012

This week in flowers

A little different twist on this week in photos, this week is all about the flowers in my house! 

I wish I could claim that mine are cuts from my early springtime garden, alas, they aren't. I was however able to make a trip out to see Jane this Saturday and pick up some wax flowers and berries from her shop. It's always a joy to catch up with our friends at the shop and lest we not forget get some good ol' black lab love.



Some shots from the shop: 
A quadruple bloom lily (sheesh, overachiever.) 
A sweet little arrangement of roses, tulips, berries and billy balls... 
hey wait, those are some of my favs, is that for me?
A miniature arrangement of painted billy balls.
and last but not least berries! 

Do you love flowers too? 
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