Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Paris: cartes, candy, crafts, cartoons

Here's another round of photos from Paris!

If you like hot pink, chocolate, and Paris you MUST go to Fauchon. I'm a nerd for packaging and just about passed out in this cool Parisian shop. They have everything from chocolate bars, to caviar, to marzipan, to spices, and more more more. It was impossible to decided what to buy, it all looked so perfect, every flavor sounded so delicious, what to do!?

Excuse my language, but this graffiti art is a mind fuck. 
Mr.Husband and I just stood staring for a good five minutes. 

Three things I love: stationary, anything vintage, and (duh) Paris.
In Passage de Panoramas there is shop after shop of vintage and collectable post cards. It's like a match made in heaven. If I was vacationing alone, I truly could have spent a good three hours or more sifting through box after box of amazing vintage cards. Alas, I had to consider that Mr.Husband was with me so kept it to just a half hour.

Wait, let me fix my hat.

Crafters, did you just "craft" your pants? Let's just say "oh my god." and then "blrrrgggggg" because we're having some sort of Parisian craft supply seizure. 

Now normally, in a situation like this, where there are rows upon rows upon rows of mason jars filled with crafter crack cocaine (non-crafters read: beads, millinery leaves and flowers, feathers, yarn, buttons, yarn, yarn, yarn.) I would be taking about 50 frames a second on my camera. But at La Droguerie, they've posted sweet little signs all over the shop saying "NO CAMERAS YOU STUPID TOURISTS, WE'RE A SERIOUS SUPPLY SHOP NOT A PHOTO OP"
Okay, they didn't actually say that. I think they just said no cameras please. But for me it might as well have been the first. I moped through the ridiculously amazing shop saying, I sure wish I could take a picture of that... But Mr.Husband was not to be deterred. Anytime no one was looking he snapped away, resulting in plenty of blurry shots due to his stealthy motions and low lighting, but a few salvageable none the less. Thank goodness for him!