Saturday, February 4, 2012

this week in photos

This week was a rough one. School is really in the swing of things now, in fact I have a midterm due in just five days! I can handle the work, but it is truly leaving me no time to do anything else. I'm definitely struggling with the lifestyle change. I used to love my days off, walking around town taking pictures, hanging out with my parents, shopping (!!!!!), visiting friends, reading... Now all my time (allllllllllll my time) is consumed by school. But, I still get to read. Read and read and read and read... Just not what I would normally choose!

Delicious little lemon cookies for a party I ended up missing because I hadn't finished my schoolwork yet.

My work space: Started out very grown up with coffee presses and green tea straight from China. By the end of the week I had made it to Coke, peanut butter cups and programing hierarchy charts...

Date night!  With such crazy busy lives Mr.Husband and I always have a nice meal together at least once a week, no matter what! This "nice meal" consisted of a table cloth you can write on. Real fancy style. Hey, whatever, I'll take a love note from him in any format!

Cryfest! Curly hair and purple lips, awesome illustrated request list, interpretive portraits (could be SteveEP and Missguided, could be Morrissey and Smith...), and a big ol' sparkly skull ring straight from London. 
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