Thursday, January 19, 2012

70% off at ModCloth

The Cabin Fever Sale is still chugging along and while the selection has really dwindled down, you can still find some awesome stuff at ridiculously good prices. When things go on sale like this, it's the perfect opportunity to spread your style wings and try something totally NOT you. You'll be surprised how many NOT you things will look totally awesome on you! And hey, if your instinct was right and it just doesn't work for you, at least you didn't spend a lot, and now you've got something cool to pass along to a bff or bring to the next clothing swap in your hood. Everybody wins! 

Here are my favorites:
  1. Apartment Party Dress
  2. L'art pour L'art Dress
  3. Hot Buttered Rum Wedge
  4. All Natural Nutritionist Dress
  5. I Really Mist You Dress in Taupe
  6. Powerful of Life Wedge
  7. Party Date Dress