Monday, January 9, 2012

Photo Journal Paris 1

I'm back! First thing's first, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You to all the fabulous guest bloggers who helped me out while I was away. I loved seeing all they came up with and I hope you all enjoyed them too!

One thing I really, really (REALLY!) love is taking photographs. This trip I opted to shoot 35mm film on my rinkie-dinkie toy camera and let Mr.Husband man the digital cam. There is something very exciting about shooting film. Not knowing exactly how it will develop; Not getting the instant gratification of a 3-inch super-density 920,000-dot color LCD monitor; the anxious hour long wait while it develops. Fingers crossed I've got some fun photos!

Believe it or not, Paris is a pretty conservative city when it comes to daily street fashion. I found that out the hard way when on my first trip there I dressed like my normal neon self, pink hair and all. The stares were unyielding. It was like putting a giant sign on my forehead that said "touriste américain" So when I see someone wearing color, I get ridiculously excited. This fabulous muppet-like coat was not Parisian however. Her sign would have said "TOURISTE ALLEMANDE!" It was hard to resist running up to her and touching it!

It was pretty grey, foggy, rainy and cold weather our entire vacation. Not ideal, but totally manageable. At least we got some cool foggy Tour Eiffel photos!

Did you know the Twelve days of Christmas are the days AFTER Christmas not before? I had never put much thought into it honestly. Luckily for us, it IS the days after Christmas so we got to really enjoy all the fabulous Christmas markets, decorations, food and.....

Hot Chocolate!