Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Paris, Je T'aime !!! by Ear Candie

So Gwynne from Ear Candie was in my original bunch of guest bloggers for while I was away, but sadly came down with an illness and actually had to go to the emergency room! Yikes!! She is 100% better now thank goodness and really it's no big thing that she couldn't get the post finished for me before I left, We'll just do it now!! It couldn't be more perfect timing because today is her birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Make sure to check her out her blog and wish her the happiest of birthdays!!

Gwynne makes super fun jewelry and custom made this "Paris Je T'aime" charm bracelet for me!

It pairs perfectly with this gorgeous french manicure.

 We have a mutual love for hats, cats, curls and Audrey Hepburn!

 Big thanks to Gwynne for pulling this together while she was so sick! Again, don't forget to hop over to her blog and wish her a happy happy birthday!