Sunday, January 15, 2012

adventures in Parisian dressing rooms H&M

No matter where in the world I am, I just can't seem to resist an H&M and Paris was no exception (nor was London or Amsterdam!) I had plenty to try on and the line for the dressing rooms was a little absurd, but I was determined to try on some of the Versace for H&M collection. One super cool thing about the H&M I went to in Paris was that they have a collective dressing room for women. If you want to avoid the line for a private room they just take you into a large open space that is curtained off. Normally I would have been all about it, I've got no issues undressing in front of other ladies, but in this case it was best I didn't. I can just imagine the outrage when I whip out my camera and start taking pictures in a room full of half naked strangers. 

Unfortunately for us all though, the private dressing rooms had practically ZERO lighting. So out comes the flash... with a mirror... no good. These are the only images I could salvage.

I've seen this neon yellow skirt at bunches of H&M's and had resisted for as long as I could. In Paris I gave in. It's just lovely. Neeeeeon yellow. Yeah, neeeeeeeeeeon. The blouse I could give or take, not in love, but it fit well and was nice and silky.

Hellooooo Versace! 
I was seriously gonna buy this dress. It fits. It's fringey. It's green. Problem was the fringe sleeves were already snagging and pulling out. If something is already falling apart and it hasn't even left the store, I just can't spend the money. And it wasn't cheap. Sad, but probably a good decision in the long run.

Va Va Vooooooom!

This Versace was fun too, but too small. It hugged me super tight, which in a way was killer bombshell, but I doubt I could sit down without bustin' a seam. But how about that neckline! I love that it is asymmetrical. Majorly sexy.

Did any of you check out the Versace collection? What did you think?