Sunday, January 29, 2012

This Week in Photos

Crazy thunderstorm came raging in and flew by in a rush.
Thank you gifts - Vintage postcards from Paris - My weekly fresh cut flowers
Thirsty kitty - Scared of thunder kitty (good thing there is a messy closet to hide in!) - Sometimes on my lunch break I photoshop my coworkers pets, it's a thing...
Delicious oranges - Squishy light up chicks - Popeyes two piece and a biscuit
Blooming - Blooming - Bloomed!
Friday night flautas - Margaritas - Cappuccino 
Impromptu painting - Out with the old art - Mr.Husband getting it done!
This week was much less of an emotional roller coaster than last. I'm still grumbly about school, but relatively resigned to do what I need to do. Monday we had a crazy intense thunderstorm in the morning, Audrey Super Kitty was none too pleased, but luckily was able to find nice refuge in my messy closet. I finally was able to make the time to send out some overdue thank yous. And today, we impulsively decided to repaint our living room (read: excuse to not do homework) and once we got the room painted, impulsively decided to buy a new couch, chair, and rug. Of course I didn't want to buy a standard color, so the couch won't be ready for 8 weeks at minimum. I can't wait to have it all set up!

What did YOU do this week? Do you use Instagram? I'd love to see your pictures, feel free to let me know where to find them!