Sunday, January 1, 2012

London with J. Rose Style

Today's post is coming to you from Jennifer of J. Rose Style Make sure to check out her blog HERE! Enjoy!

There are so many wonderful things about blogging; getting to share your favorite fashion finds, taking and editing gorgeous pictures and the fantastic blogger community, to name a few. Who am I, you ask, A blogger, artist and writer among other things. My style blog is called J. Rose Style and it is dedicated to discovering a personal style on a budget. My blogger buddies are a great resource for questions, inspiration and assistance.  When Katie asked me if I would be interested in doing a guest post on her blog, Today-i-want, my immediate thought was hell yeah!  The idea was to create a post inspired by one of cities she would be visiting.  First of all anything to do with travel intrigues me; airports, hotels, and luggage, Oh my.  Second of all I knew immediately that my post would be fashion related.  Fashion and a cosmopolitan city is like hitting the inspiration jackpot. I had a lot of fun researching and creating this post so I hope you enjoy.

My city of choice, London, so let’s hop a flight across the Atlantic to a city that is simultaneously traditional and revolutionary!  Here are three “looks” to take you from luxury shopping at Harrod’s to a posh evening outing in London’s West End, now all you need to do is pack your bag.

There are a multitude of interesting sights to see in London, it's inevitable that you are going to have to pick and choose, you simply can’t do it all.  My choice would be to make a day of exploring London’s many museums and galleries. The museum outfit features light layers that add up to combined warmth. Easily throw off the cape when it gets too toasty in the galleries, whip it back on before you brave the London streets.  A cross body bag is hands free, ideal when you are taking pictures.  Flats are a must for a day of pounding the pavement or marble halls for that matter.
Sightseeing London: Museum Look

Shopping is must when in London and there is a store for every style you can imagine (and some you didn't). It could be high end at Harrods or just high street with stores like Topshop. Whether you are vintage shopping at Portobello Road Market or Camden Market a cute outfit with some darling flats will see you through a day of treasure hunting. P.S. A hands free backpack is ideal when you are flipping through racks.
Shopping Around London

The sky has grown dark and there’s a chill in the air, but the streets are bright and busy in London’s theatre district in the West End.  Getting glammed up to go to the theater is an old tradition that I want to revive.  This outfit combines the comfort of an A-line shift dress, wedge heels and a warm jacket with the poshness of luxurious materials; velvet, metallic foil and faux fur.  Ready to hit the town, maybe catch Ghost the musical at the Piccadilly Theatre or maybe Signing In the Rain at the Palace, so many choices?  Well one thing’s for sure wherever you end up you’ll look fab.
An Evening Out In London

Thanks for reading I hope you enjoyed my guest post.  Here is a little bit about me, (in case you were curious, if not carry on).  I truly believe in the power of clothes to tell a story and let people know who you are. Fashion should be fun, personal and stay within your budget. I live in a small house nestled between reservoirs and hills outside of NY city. While you might think this would make me far removed from the world of fashion, I stay current on what’s in style (though I adapt trends to suit my idea of fashion) through my magazine habit and Internet addiction. I tried playing by the rules and then found out that the rules I was living by were from monopoly, so I tossed them out and made my own rules. I enjoy reading, writing, not arithmetic. If I can do one creative activity a day I am content, if I can make one person a day laugh I am overjoyed. If you enjoy my quirky classic style please follow my blog For more random thoughts, fashion related or otherwise, follow me on twitter @jrosestyle.

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