Tuesday, December 27, 2011

European holiday!

Hello, hello my lovelies! A Belated Merry Christmas. I hope you got all your hearts deisres! I sure was surprised when our "small christmas since we're flying to europe on the 26th" turned into me getting a brand spanking new ipad2. Woohoo!

I am currently 40,000 feet in the air and 1,604 miles away from Paris. Just over half way there. I should be sleeping, alas the very young lady a couple rows in front of me has opted to scream her darling little brains out rather than go to bed. Fun for all of us trying to get some rest to better acclimate ourselves to the new time zone. I can't really blame her though, I don't sleep on planes all that well anyway. On top of not sleeping I can already feel my skin having a minor freak out. Can you tell how much I love to fly? I just need to keep reminding myself what the oh so wise Glenna Von henna said, before you know it you will be in "not-America", so really how bad can the eight hours on a plane be?

All cranky sleepiness aside, I wanted to share some exciting news! While I'm away I've rounded up some stellar guest bloggers for you. Each writer was kind enough to contribute their take on one of the European cities I will be visiting on holiday. I am so thrilled to have them all contribute. It's pretty amazing what a supportive community bloggers can be for each other. I've made sure to link them all up so if you like what you see you can just hyperlink-hop over to their blogs. (DO IT!!!)

I will be staying in touch as best as I can, but truly, what is a holiday if not a chance to detach from your daily routine for a while? If you are just bursting at the seems with curiosity, follow my twitter account (@KatiePetix) which will probably be the easiest way for me to touch base. You can definitely count on me posting some fun candid photos there.

And with that all said, let the European adventure commence!

Xoxox Kat