Thursday, December 29, 2011

Paris with She Could Be A Pharmer in Those Clothes

Today's post is coming to you from Hannah of She Could Be A Pharmer In Those Clothes Make sure to check out her blog HERE! Enjoy!

Hello Today I Want readers!! I’m Hannah from she could be apharmer in those clothes. Kat kindly asked me to guest post while she is gallivanting around Europe (jealous!) I just went to Europe a few months ago for a conference. The meeting was in Italy, but on the way home our plane had to make an emergency landing in Paris! One of the engines was leaking oil and had to be turned off! Everything turned out fine (except for the emotional trauma) and we landed safely. The best part was we had just enough time to hop in a taxi and see the Eiffel Tower! I’ve always dreamed of going to Paris so I was thrilled, but now I am only more excited to go back.

When I think of Parisian fashion, I can’t help but think of stripes. And berets. But since I’m not the type who can pull of the beret, I’ll stick to stripes. They are one of my favorite things to wear and always leave me feeling comfy, fashionable, and very much me.

 (( top and skirt: Urban Outfitters / shoes: Seychelles (thrifted) / tights: Target / bowtie: DIY ))

Thanks for reading my little post! If you enjoyed it stop on by my blog. And thanks so much to Katie for asking me to guest post!

Super big thanks to Hannah! Isn't she cute!? Love the lipstick. Make sure to hop on over to her blog and say Hi!!