Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Paris with Pich & Roor

Today's post is coming to you from Waverly of Pich & Roor
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Good morning everyone, my name is Waverly and I have the pleasure of posting for Katie today while she's in Europe being fabulous! One of the places that she's visiting while overseas is Paris (don't worry I'm jealous too) so Katie & I decided that PARIS would be my topic :)

I'm half French & have been to France once several years ago, but I never go to visit Paris :( However, if I ever got to Paris there are several places that would definitely be on my checklist: The Lourve, The Arc de Triumph, Versailles, & duh ... the EIFFEL TOWER!!

Eiffel Outfit

If I was lucky enough to be touring the Eiffel Tower I would most certainly be wearing flats, & since we're in France and all we HAVE to be fashionable so they're leopard flats :) I picked the red skinny jeans out because they're a brighter bolder choice than the typical dark skinny jean. The striped shirt is a given, it was the first piece that popped in my head because it's simple, chic, & oh so French. I love a statement lip & what better brand than the French YSL?! While climbing all those steps it's probably going to be windy & sunny so a classic trench & Ray-Bans are a must. I continued on the YSL train with the adorable Y-Mail Clutch (A girl can dream right?) because not only is it so cute, it's light weight & could easily fit in the pocket of the trench. 

I had so much fun creating this post & hope all of you enjoyed it as well!! Katie you're probably munching on a chocolate croissant & sipping on a latte at a cute little cafe. Have a blast lady & take lots of pictures :)

I love those leopard shoes! What about you guys? Super big thanks to Wave! Make sure to hop on over to her blog and say Hi!!