Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Falling asleep in Paris!

Paris day one. So sleepy! Just couldn't get any rest on the plane, so I opted to have a little rest at the hotel first thing in the morning. It was totally necessary,  but makes the rest of your day so rough. Mr.husband and I forced ourselves up and out!  First stop was a little sushi place across the street for some much needed sustenance. Not very adventurous for sure, but since we were both still exhausted, it was nice to get some easy and familiar food.  While it seemed the call of the warm and cozy bed was much louder than the chilly streets of Paris, we persevered and began what I'm sure will be our daily routine of wandering the streets until we're too hungry or too cold or too tired to go on. Luckily the too hungry and too cold are easily remedied. It seems as though almost every block has a Pâtisserie or Crêperie for us to dip into for a quick warm up and sit down. After a few hours of roaming, a new pair of gloves, and maybe a Nutella crêpe (or two) we started moseying back to the hotel. We opted for a quiet relaxing dinner back at the hotel being that we could barely keep our our eyes open. I went up to the room and popped on the tv (hellooooooo fashion tv! Best yet it's the 2011 best of marathon!) while mr.husband walked over to the market to pick up some cheese, bread, fruit, yogurt and Pellagrino. Perfect Parisian dinner! It's 8:15 now. We were really trying to make it to 10:00 but it doesn't look like that'll happen. Bonsoir!