Friday, December 30, 2011

Paris with Reasons To Celebrate

Today's post is coming to you from Mackenzie of Reasons To Celebrate Make sure to check out her blog HERE! Enjoy!

Hello, Today I Want readers! Mackenzie here from the blog Reasons To Celebrate. I'm super jealous that Katie is out exploring in Europe right now! I've been dying to visit Paris for pretty much my whole life and have always been interested in the style. So when Katie asked if I'd write a guest post I jumped on the opportunity to share an outfit inspired by my idea of Paris fashion. 

Since I've never been to Paris to experience the fashion first hand I probably have a perception created solely by picture perfect movies, which is actually great! 

Photo via HERE

For some reason I knew I wanted to incorporate black and white stripes. Maybe it's the whole mime thing? And I always love to wear red so I thought the contrast had a cute romantic feel to it! 

My next thought was about the silhouette. Dior's New Look came to mind right away so this long red a-line skirt ended up being perfect.

Photo via HERE
 I'd love to walk around the Eiffel Tower and eat croissants in this outfit!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and of course, I hope Katie is having the time of her life!

Super big thanks to Mackenzie! I really enjoy her blog, she always has such lovely pictures of herself. Make sure to hop on over to her blog and say Hi!!