Sunday, December 4, 2011

iPhone cases via Society6

I'm kind of obsessed with Society6. I could literally be on their site for DAYS looking through all the cool art. Best thing of all, they can get it to you in so many different formats! Want and iPhone case? You got it. Prefer a framed print? No problem. Such a cool resource for Holiday gifts! Here are some of my picks (I limited myself to 9 even thoguh I really want to show you hundreds!)

Horses Gonna Hate by Chris Piascik
Puppet Check Up by Joshua Kemble
I wish I were... by Aaron Thong
Super rad art deco sci-fi:
The Return by Danny Haas
Petty Mortality by Jewelwing
The Voyage by Danny Haas
Robin Trees by Sandra Dieckmann
Mariachi by Ali GULEC
Reindeer of the Silver Wood by Poppy & Red

What artists are your favorite??