Tuesday, December 20, 2011

where have I been??

Hello, hello! I've been absent (obviously) so sorry I didn't give all you lovelies a heads up.
Here's the dish...

Finals, Merchandising Mania, Extended Hours, PMS, Christmas Shopping, Christmas Shipping Panic, DJ Party, Mr.Husband Shows, Anniversaries, Christmas Parties, Puppies...

So, in order to save my sanity I took my husbands advice and took a step back from the blog-o-sphere. I am so sorry I didn't let you all know!

Here's a quick cell phone picture catch up on my life these past couple of weeks (fancy camera photos are still on the fancy camera!)

My parents got a new puppy! She's fuzzy, likes to bite shoes, and is deadly cute.

 Mr.Husband sent me "day we met" anniversary flowers! 
I can't believe we've been together for 7 years. So lucky!

Eighties Mayhem stage set up! Everything was so SPARKLY!!

Gold sequins and giant leopard print poinsettias. Perfect party attire.

 Red paper packages tied up with string for my favorite ladies!

Faux fur and ginger curls at the Edgewood show in Baltimore.

And finally a much needed margarita at one of my super favorite restaurants.

Here's to getting back on track. Happy Holidays! Hope you are all surviving stress free!