Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Paris with Black & Blonde

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Paris, Paris. A city full of all things pretty, romantic, and magical.  I had always dreamed of visiting and luckily my wish came true.  In April of 2009, I was on my way to the city of lights and by myself at that!  For me it was spring break and an escape from New York and all things stressful.  It was my version of Eat-Pray-Love, Paris edition.  I wanted the culture, the food (my goodness, the food!), the art, and complete language immersion.  I even prepared by learning some French!  (Je ne comprends pa=I don't understand.)  On the flight there, I even drank some wine because that's what the French do right?

I arrived safely, got in a cab, and went straight to my hotel.  While it wasn't the most glamorous, it had the essentials and was near the metro.  I had some plans in mind before I got there, but I decided that I was in Paris and nothing could stop me!  And so I began walking.  I walked to a patisserie and got some pain au chocolat.  I walked to the Marias.  I walked to Saint-Honore.  Every day for the next week, I walked everywhere.  I saw the Mona Lisa.  I saw the beautiful Seine.  I let Paris take me where it wanted to take me.  While I did get lost once for about an hour, it was all wonderful.

If I hadn't let loose my reigns, I would have never visited the Museum of Eroticism.  Oh yes, I went.  I never would have stumbled upon a David La Chapelle special exhibit in a tiny gallery.  I would have never been able to see beautiful gardens or public art installations.  I would have never found this beautiful ring!

While the shopping was grand, the food was even more so.  Each night I had course after course of the most delicious food I'd ever tasted.  While the pain suisse and creme brulee weren't so friendly to my waistline, I discounted it because I was walking around all day.  The best meal by far was a lunch I randomly found while looking for a museum.  It began with escargot, moved to prosciutto wrapped scallops over salad, and ended delightfully with chocolate mousse and some gummy bears (I think the waiter liked me).  While it cost a pretty penny (approximately $80 US), it was well worth it.

The trip in a whole taught me that sometimes, it's ok to indulge.  It's ok not to have a plan.  Traveling should be fun.  For me, it's all about the hidden treasures and going off the beaten path.  While I would love to give you a specific guide about Paris, I can't.  Make it your own adventure!  Trust me, it's much more fun and meaningful that way!
PS-My camera got stolen soon after I arrived home from Paris and I unfortunately have no photo memories of the trip.

How sad is that lost camera!? I love her take on traveling, less planing, more discovering! 
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