Thursday, December 8, 2011

H&M Adventures in Dressing Rooms

Sequins aren't integrated into my wardrobe. I blame it on 15 years of performing in sequin and rhinestone clad leotards. But I figured, I'm here, might as well give it a go. I've layered this Sequin Top ($34.95) with a lightweight Pink Blouse ($??.??). I dunno though, it's ALOT of sequins. Regardless, I fell head over heels for these Pants ($34.95) They are a BRIGHT orange and shiiiiiiiney. Totally gonna be a holiday party staple. This mustard colored dress ($34.95 i think!) got thrown into my must try this on pile soley because it is mustard colored. Mmmmmmmm...ustard. It wasn't for me though. Unless butt cheeks hanging out the bottom of your dress is the next big thing in fashion.
This dress. This dress ($??.??) I've tried on in the past and had a hard time finding a size that fits. Well I finally found it, TA DAAAA! I didn't end up buying it though, I decided this too was a little tooooo short to get much use out of. Especially since it's such a full skirt. I have horrible visions of strong breezes and free shows. The coat ($??.??) was cool too. Kind of a 70's kimono feel to it in some lovely soft colors.

I wish these pictures showed the detail better on this dress ($34.99). It's kind of like all my favorite everything in one. knife pleats, open back, leather details, cinched waist. LOVE it! bought it. awesomesause..ages.

This dress ($??.??) was super cute too, but a tad to short for me (ugh 3 in one visit!). Actually over all I think it would work way better on someone with a petite frame. Everything seemed to fall too high on me. All ill fitting aside though, it's a really cool dress. It has faux leather and suede detailing and the skirt is in a light and flowy chiffon (aka polyester, but who checking really.) It would be so super rad with a bright colored cropped jacket and some bad ass booties.

What is your favorite look? Do you have any of these? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

p.s. Sorry for all the missing prices, I was being a bit of a space cadet and not paying attention thinking I could just find them online. Doh!